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this is me. this is what i eat.

  • these are the foods.

  • these are the meals.

  • these are my friends.

the night before…

Posted by ernie on February 19, 2008

i suppose this marks my official entrance into the “blogosphere.” do people still use that word? maybe i’m late. i tend to be at least a step and a half behind what’s hip and “with it,” especially where linguistics is concerned. no diggity.

but i digress…

i have to admit, despite my apparent disdain for the blog concept, i am often drawn to it. at the very least it would give me something more than PSP to do in the wee hours of the morning.

but what to blog? well i do enjoy music. but much of that can be found on various myspace pages. the only thing as interesting as music is food.

but i am not nearly talented enough to deal with recipes and the like. and i don’t cook nearly often enough for that to be interesting anyway.

so instead you will find here a comprehensive log of my daily eating. some small, some large, but they will all be documented.

but it’s late tonight, and i’ve already eaten. if you are curious, it was a big night for me and food. some mac and cheese (baked, home made, a bowl of chili (con carne, home made), and some weird chocolatey cake thing i tried to make that didn’t quite come out right.

so i will start fresh in the morning. see you then.



One Response to “the night before…”

  1. mother said

    oh dear…

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