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dinner and a movie

Posted by ernie on February 21, 2008


instead of working my usual 12 hour shift, i ended up with a simple 6. that means i didn’t have to leave until about 4pm, giving me time for a late lunch. more of that chili, if you’re wondering. that was the last of it, so you won’t be hearing of it again.

but that wouldn’t hold me until 11pm when i’d get home. so we (coworkers and i) did some fooding. there are only a few options of eateries when we’re working, and you’ll undoubtedly read about all of them in the future. today though, it’s italian. and by that i mean delivery pizza. on this particular occasion it’s a ham pizza (extra ham) and some garlic bread from a local pizzeria named “romeo’s.” in general i think they’re good. this time i was not so fond. everything was too sweet. their sauce is generally a bit on the sweet side, but today it was even more so. ham usually adds a nice saltiness to counteract that sauce, but today the ham was quite sweet. the end result is a pizza that was very much unbalanced.

as for the garlic bread, it was plenty garlicy. i think they used balsamic vinegar instead of their usual olive oil. not terrible, but i’d have preferred the olive oil.

all in all it served it’s purpose. i was no longer hungry. but that’s it. i was disappointed.

22108f.jpgbut the night does not end there. what about “second dinner?” the late night snack? there was no more chili, no more mac and cheese, and i was not in the mood for more eggplant. solution? campbell’s of course! sarah and i stocked up on some soups for situations such as this. manhattan clam chowder, lots of tomato, broccoli cheddar, we’ve got a whole selection. this time i went with the cream of potato.

there’s not much of a story hear. soup + milk + heat = delicious.

if you know me, and some of you don’t, and those that do might not know this about me, you know that i take my soup in a22108e.jpg mug. it’s easy and fun. you should try it. no? fine, but you’re missing out.

so that’s where i am now. sitting in bed typing up this ridiculous garbage while sipping my cream of potato soup out of my favorite mug.

and what are you doing that’s so interesting?

oh, in case you weren’t aware, i manage a movie theatre. that’s where the title comes from. “dinner and a movie.” get it?


One Response to “dinner and a movie”

  1. Sarah said

    You will not see me eating any “dinner and a movie” leftovers because I don’t get leftovers. No Panera brought home, no sushi leftovers. Sigh…

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