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saturday morning: hash browns

Posted by ernie on February 24, 2008


so there we were. a lazy saturday morning, putting off getting up for as long as we possible could. and that’s when she said it. those 4 fateful words.

“wanna make hash browns?”

“oh hellz yeah,” i thought. “i’m all up ons.”

of course what i actually said was “great idea honey, and some scrambled eggs to boot.” but when i write the movie of my life, it’ll come out that first way.

we leaped off to the kitchen to begin our breakfast. my job was the hash browns and scrambled eggs, hers was the smoothie. this time i requested some banana to go with the usual strawberries.

here comes the specs!

hash browns

  • 3 medium potatoes, grated
  • 1/4 medium onion, diced
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • salt and pepper

grate potatoes and rinse with water. pat dry. season with salt and pepper. mix with22308b.jpg diced onion. melt butter in a frying pan over medium heat. add potatoes/onion mixture. mix it up periodically to get all of it nicely toasty. then let it sit in the pan for a few minutes until a nice crust develops (on the underside). flip it over and let the crust develop on the opposite side. completion.

this was my first attempt at hash browns, and i did very much succeed. they were mighty delicious. in fact, i think you’ll see them here again tomorrow morning. but they were no breakfast alone. they needed a companion…

scrambled eggs

  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 1/4 cup grated cheddar
  • 1/4 cup grated gouda
  • 1/4 medium onion, diced
  • salt and pepper
  • small pat of butter

beat up the eggs. prepare a frying pan over medium heat. once it comes to temperature, smear with a little butter. add eggs. stir frequently to create nice delicious scrambles. once they start to set, add a pinch of salt and fresh ground black pepper, as well as the cheese and onion. continue to stir until fully set and delicious.

unlike omelets, i like my scrambled eggs on the runny side. well, not really runny, but certainly not toasty brown like my omelets. they came out pretty fantastic if i do say so myself. i fell in love with the crisp flavor of the barely cooked onions in the eggs, compared to the nicely softened ones in the hash browns. i think the nearly fresh onion gives the eggs a nice bite, which complements the cheesiness very well. sarah could go either way with the onion. to each their own i suppose…

and let’s not forget the smoothie.

strawberry bananer smoothie

  • 1 banana, sliced
  • a handful of strawberries, slice
  • 1/4 cup yogurt

add the ingredients to a blender or smoothie maker and blend until smooth. imbibe.


where two become one…strawberry and banana will soon meet in a fiery blaze of spinning blades.

sarah as a big fan of the smoothie, as am i. typically we go strawberry, though once i went all banana and was none to pleased with the result. the sour taste of the yogurt shines through too much. the banana was delicious but there was just no balance of flavors. with the strawberries and banana together, you get a perfect balance. the sweet strawberries offset the sour edge of the yogurt. a strong banana taste hits you up front while a subtle strawberry essence carries is ever present. and the yogurt maintains the texture (the banana helps, too). we were very pleased. it may be our new standard.


you were too tasty for your own good. you didn’t stand a chance.

the meal – consisting of the hash browns, scrambled eggs, and a strawberry banana smoothie – was an all around success. i’m sure something very similar will be repeated in the near future.

later in the day i was forced by the shackles of modern society to head to work. while i was gone, sarah prepared a veggie quesadilla and then headed in to meet me for dinner. then she stayed to watch some one hour and 50 minute shirtless matthew mcconaughey vessel.

she put forth a valiant effort and it exploded with fireworks of flavor in my mouth…the quesadilla that is. but it was not without its problems. there was certainly not enough cheese and the tortilla was not toasty enough to hold it all together. nevertheless, i was more than satisfied, both in terms of appetite and taste bud desires.

she also brought dessert in the form of snack packs. butterscotch was my pick.

you can’t go wrong with a butterscotch snack pack.

never forget that.


2 Responses to “saturday morning: hash browns”

  1. diaz said

    holy moles. Just to let you know. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but I’m actually a fan of this internet production.

    so in the spirt of new (and in our case, pending) matrimony we should have the 2 of you guys over soon. dinner party style. all adult and what-like. I’m crazy busy but I have a spring break coming.

    maybe we could have a cook-off. take pics. post it on the site and see whos dinner party went better. haha.

  2. ernie said

    diaz: i’m down.

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