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monday morning leftovers

Posted by ernie on February 25, 2008


today i slept till noon. so breakfast was worthless, especially since i’ve had eggs for the best few days and am in no mood for more. so what’s a hungry guy to do?

break out the leftovers, that’s what. mostly because there were no good breakfast foods around and i wasn’t really up for a breakfast brainstorming session. waking up this late actually makes it easier because it’s easy to validate skipping breakfast and starting with lunch.

and my personal favorite vehicle for leftovers? fajita of course.

i broke out the fried chicken from a couple days ago, along with an onion and a serrano pepper. i thought i had a green pepper left, but i didn’t. the recipe is simple so i won’t write it up, but i’ll give you the rundown.

half a medium to large onion gets slice. remove the seeds from the serrano and dice. sauté in frying pan with a touch of olive oil and a pinch of salt till the onions start to brown.

heat up the leftover chicken and slice into strips. make a big ol’ pile on top of a fajita and top with some shredded cheese (in this case cheddar). wrap it up so it’s easy to hold.


put it in your mouth hole.


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