us vs. hunger

this is me. this is what i eat.

  • these are the foods.

  • these are the meals.

  • these are my friends.

where have i been?

Posted by ernie on March 3, 2008

so it’s been a couple of days since i’ve posted any foodstuffs.  this marks the second time i’ve gone without posting for more than a day.  mostly it’s because i’m lazy and just didn’t get around to it.  but also, i’ve been eating a lot of nothing lately.  certainly not anything interesting.  a lot of canned soups, store bought sammiches, and of course copious amounts of leftovers.

this leads me to amend the workings of this blog.  i will no longer attempt to post every little thing that i eat.  that is tedious, tiring, a time waster, and probably the least interesting thing you’ll find on the interweb.  instead, i’ll restrict it to major meals that aren’t comprised of leftovers (unless they are some kind of reworking of the original dish), delicious restaurant or store bought eats, or just plain interesting recipes.

i’m sorry if that disappoints any one – which i’m sure it doesn’t – but it has to be this way.


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