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egg-tasm #1

Posted by ernie on March 5, 2008

breakfast time again; this time for real, as i actually was out of bed before noon.  that means it was time for some actually breakfast-y foods.


and bam, there it is.

not much to speak of.  it’s the same omelet i made last time, though this time it was red peppers instead of the green.  the only thing worth mentioning is that, as previously stated, i had recently seen an egg episode of good eats.  i wanted to try the AB approach to the omelet, which is only slightly different than mine.

the AB method involves a sort of mix/stir for a few seconds just after the egg hits the pan.  this gives the egg a nice scramble before anything else happens.  my method does not have this step and instead allows the egg to set more in a solid cake form.

interestingly enough, it made a noticeable difference.   the AB omelet was thinner and more like a ‘pocket’ for whatever would be inside – even if it’s just eggy goodness.  my omelet (from eggs for breakfast) was a little fluffier and thicker.  it’s a personal preference, i think.  i don’t think i can pass judgment just yet, especially since i am not quite deft at the AB method: i tore the omelet just a little upon the out-of-the-pan flip.

also there was raisin bread toast with cream cheese involved.

breakfast consumed.


i just finished reading eat shoot and leave, a fabulous book on punctuation by the brilliant and witty lynne truss.  it definitely opened up a whole new door to the realm of punctuation for me.  i’m not even kidding.  highly recommended.  this may also explain some of my punctuation uses, if you even notice any.


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