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movie theatre chili dog

Posted by ernie on March 17, 2008

no, movie theatres don’t serve chili dogs (but maybe i can use my powerful influence to bring about this kind of change). but that certainly wasn’t going to stop me from gettin’ me a chili dog.

i mean really, when you get hit with some serious hunger, sometimes a chili dog is like a torpedo of satisfaction that is shot directly into your gluttonous belly.


you do realize you have a beard, don’t you?

well that’s how it is for me, anyway.

i was at work and i was hungry. as i’ve said before, we end up with tomato soup most of the time. but that just wouldn’t cover it. i had to supplement it with something. i did purchase a microwavable can of chili earlier in the day (along with a few cans of tomato soup which sit around the office to be consumed at various points throughout the week). don’t poo poo the microwavable chili. no, it’s not at all like the real thing, but sometimes it’ll do. this was one of those times.

i could have just eaten the chili, maybe with some movie theatre nachos. but then it hit me. i don’t know why it never hit me before.

put the chili on a hot dog.


and hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we add some movie theatre nacho cheese?


i gotta tell ya…it was good. i took my time preparing this bad boy, applying just the right amount of chili and cheese. it paid off. i was satisfied. i didn’t even need the tomato soup.

but you all know i ate it anyway.


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