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sarah’s side: avocado salad

Posted by ernie on March 17, 2008

is it guacamole? is it some kind of salad? well it’s kind of both. it was inspired by an avocado salad we had at a relative’s house. we (well, sarah) put our (well, her) own twist on it.


the downfall is that it browns quickly so it’s best to eat super duper fresh. inevitably, some ends up in the fridge. it keeps for a day or so; just be sure to give it a good stir before you eat. and don’t be turned off by the little bit of browning. the stir will bring back that bright green color.

we’ve made this dish a few times. well again, sarah has made this dish a few times. it’s a great side dish and makes a good snack. who doesn’t love a good avocado? really? i prefer it in the form of guacamole on a bacon cheeseburger, but this form will do nicely.

avocado black bean salad

  • 4 nice and ripe hass avocados
  • 1 can of black beans
  • a bunch of cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • a healthy handful of fresh cilantro
  • a few squeezes lime juice (fresh is best, bottle will do)

i think that’s about it. if you don’t know how to get to the deliciousness of the avocado, let me give you the gist. first, insert a knife into the avocado as if you are going to cut it lengthwise. you won’t be able to, because of the hard pit. once you hit pit, start rotating the avocado and cutting the avocado all the way ’round. it should easily separate into 2 pieces. now chop the pit so the knife stick into it a little. give it a little twist and the pit should pop right out. now you should be able to slide a spoon under the skin of the avocado and all the good bits should pop right out.

not it’s just a matter of mashing it up like taters and adding all the ingredients. that’s it. you could chill it for a couple minute if you want, but not too long because of the aforementioned browning.

eat that, suckers.


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