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chicken and rice – revisited

Posted by ernie on April 19, 2008

revisted?  well it’s the second time i’ve made it.  the first time was tradition chicken and rice.  “arroz con pollo” if you will.  i will.  in fact i did.  but it did not.  the end result was considerably less than spectacular.  across the board it was bland.  the rice was bland.  but it looked delicious.  here, take a look.

look but don\'t taste.

so that’s all there is to say about “my first time.”

moving on.

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potater fries

Posted by ernie on March 1, 2008

well it’s been a couple of days so i guess it’s time to update. a lot has happened between myself and food, though most of it was not interesting. tuesday i was working all day, so it was tomato soup to hold me over. then it was a wawa sandwich on the way home. wednesday was kind of interesting. i used one of the remaining tuna steaks to make a sammwich…almost like a tuna steak burger.

here, look:


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this just in…dinner.

Posted by ernie on February 20, 2008


well it’s dinner time. i know what you’re thinking. “he skipped lunch!” you’re half right. my eating habits are terrible, this much i admit. sometimes i skip breakfast and go straight to lunch, sometimes it’s dinner all day long. in this particular case it’s skipping lunch and heading straight for dinner, most undoubtedly followed by a late-night second dinner. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. first dinner comes first.

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