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egg-tasm #1

Posted by ernie on March 5, 2008

breakfast time again; this time for real, as i actually was out of bed before noon.  that means it was time for some actually breakfast-y foods.


and bam, there it is.

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potater fries

Posted by ernie on March 1, 2008

well it’s been a couple of days so i guess it’s time to update. a lot has happened between myself and food, though most of it was not interesting. tuesday i was working all day, so it was tomato soup to hold me over. then it was a wawa sandwich on the way home. wednesday was kind of interesting. i used one of the remaining tuna steaks to make a sammwich…almost like a tuna steak burger.

here, look:


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us vs. hunger: day 1

Posted by ernie on February 20, 2008


well this is it. the first of many. i guess i should explain. it’s chocolate chip pancakes. sarah (the other half of “us”) and i made them a couple of days ago. turns out she got to some of them before i did, so these didn’t make much of a breakfast. regardless, believe me when i tell you they taste better than they look.

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