us vs. hunger

this is me. this is what i eat.

  • these are the foods.

  • these are the meals.

  • these are my friends.


here you will find all of the notes and comments that i make to myself regarding my cooking and eating habits.

  • very early on it’s easy to see that we don’t cook on a daily basis. instead we’ll do a couple of dishes every couple of days and then use them as leftover meals for 2, maybe 3 days. it makes things easier working with our schedules, which are tough enough on their own. it gets even harder when you try to put them together.  (2/21/08)
  • oh my eating habits…terrible timing. i don’t think i need to elaborate.  (2/21/08)
  • you can’t go wrong with a butterscotch snack pack.  (2/23/08)

One Response to “notes”

  1. nsega said

    ya like chicken?

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