us vs. hunger

this is me. this is what i eat.

  • these are the foods.

  • these are the meals.

  • these are my friends.

the plan

it’s simple. take pictures of what i eat and post them here, with descriptions, recipes, and witty banter of course. i don’t plan on posting everything i eat. that would not be interesting and would take up a lot of space. more importantly it would consume too much of my time. so i’ll skip most small snacks, unless they are super delicious or involve some great recipe that i want to share. i’ll probably end up posting most if not all major meals, with pictures hopefully – camera phones help for unplanned meals on the road if and when i forget the canon sd750. meals on the go are actually most important. that’s part of the culinary lifestyle showcase and they can’t be overlooked.

i don’t know how often i’ll end up posting. it may be after every meal or it may be after every day. my guess is it will be somewhere in between. we’ll have to wait and see.

i’ll also stop and make observations along the way. check the notes page for these epiphanies.

see you at the drive through.



3 Responses to “the plan”

  1. jodi said

    When have you had an unplanned meal on the road??

  2. ernie said

    jodi: more often than you think. most of the time it’s stopping at panera bread or some taco place or fast food joint. sometimes we order some italian cuisine (read: pizza) or sushi at work.

  3. jodi said

    Interesting. Still not interested though in eating at Bar Americain with me and my your sommelier brother in law?

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